The ambulance equipped on a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 vehicle

This ambulance is converted from an off-road 4x4 SUV

  • Multi-tone siren controlled by driver emitting three distinctive sounds.
  • LED lightbars and warning lights.
  • Antibacterial, washable, antistatic epoxy flooring in the patient cabin.
  • On the left inside of the patient cabin a functional cabinet system made from MDF or foam-board material (according to customer preferences)
  • On the right side of the patient cabin there is a squad bench with under seat storage.
  • The illumination system consists of fluorescent and spot lamps, the secondary air-condition, additional battery, control panel, heater and internal communication have been provided.
  • On-vehicle printing and labeling according to customer preference.

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  • EN 1865
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  • ISO 13485
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